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Passive Voice

Reported Speech

0 Conditional

I Conditional

II Conditional

III Conditional

II-III mixed Conditional

III-II mixed Conditional

First Conditional
1) If she _________(go) to university, she ______________(study) French.
2) If I ________________(lose) my job, I _____________(go) abroad.
3) We ___________(not/ go) if you __________(not want) to.
4) If she ______________(not arrive), I_____________(be) sad.
5) It _________________(be) quicker if you fly.
6) You ________(not pass) if you don’t study hard.
7) If I __________ (go) to London, I ______________ (visit) my aunt.
8) If she _____________ (study) hard, she ____________ (pass) her exams.
9) If they ___________ (arrive) early, _______ you _______ (give) them a drink?
10) If he ____________ (come) to the party tonight, _______he ________ (bring) a friend?
11) I __________ (come) with you, if you __________ (promise) to leave early.
12) She ______________ (be) angry, if you _________________ (do) that!
13) I _____________ (go) to the doctor tomorrow, if I _______ (feel) worse.
14) If the plane ________________(arrive) late, we __________________(miss) our connecting flight.
15) I ______________(teach) you some English, if you ___________(teach) me a bit of French.
16) Zöe _____________________(not forgive) Jack, if he _______________(forget) their wedding anniversary again.
17) If you ______________(wash up), I ________________(dry) the dishes.
18) If you ________________(not wear) a tie, they ___________________(not let) you in to the restaurant.
19) Our football team _____________(relegate), if they ___________________(beat) on Saturday
20) If the bus is late, we ___________________(walk).
21) She _________________(call) them if she _____________(have) time.
23) If it costs too much, I ________________(buy) a smaller one.
24) If the flight for New York___________(be) full, I _____________(go) somewhere else.
25) What will we do if the taxi ___________________(not come)?
26) Will you phone me if there __________________(be) any problems?
27) I ____________(ask) Anthony if I ______________(see) him tomorrow.
28) I _____________(go) next week, if I ___________(can) get a train ticket.
29) If I __________(have) to, I _______________(complain) to the manager.
30) If he _________(see) me here with you, she _________(be) really angry.
31) Mary _________(be) worried if you _________(not/come) to the airport.
32) If it _______________(snow) this winter, we ____________(go) skiing.
33) My father _____________________(lend) me some money if I _________________(ask) him.
34) If you __________________(not study), you ______________(fail) the test.
35) We _______________(die) if we __________________(not get) help soon!
36) If you _________________(look) in the fridge, you ____________(find) some cold drinks.
37) If there _________________(be) no oil in the engine, the car _____________(break) down.
38) I ___________(lend) you my umbrella if you ________________(need) it.
39) The sea level ____________(rise) if the planet _____________(get) hotter.
40) If you ________(eat) your sandwiches now, you __________(have) anything for lunch!
41) You __________(be) safe in an accident if you ________(wear) your seatbelt.
42) If he ________(save) all his money, he _______(be able to go) on holiday to Canada.
43) I _____________(not come) with you if you _________(not bring) John!