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Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Past Simple vs Past Continuous

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Passive Voice

Reported Speech

0 Conditional

I Conditional

II Conditional

III Conditional

II-III mixed Conditional

III-II mixed Conditional

Second Conditional
1) If it____________ (stop) raining, we___________ (take) the kids to the park.
2) I_______________ (be) very surprised if Gary_______________ (come) to the party.
3) She_________________ (enjoy) cooking much more, if she______________(have) a bigger kitchen.
4) If they______________ (have) more time, they________________ (take up) horse-riding.
5) If we_________________ (employ) any more staff, we____________ (need) a larger office.
6) Michael____________ (buy) the restaurant if the bank___________ (give) him a loan.
7) If I__________ (be) you, I___________ (give up) smoking.
8) If we___________ (paint) the walls and_________ (put up) curtains, the flat___________ (look) much cosier.
9) If I___________(be) President, I ___________(do) more to help the homeless.
10) If you__________ (move) to Australia, I__________ (miss) you very much.
11) It__________ (be) quicker, if you_____________ (use) a computer to write the report.
12) If you___________ (find) a wallet in the street,______you__________(hand) it in to the police?
13) If he___________ (apologise) for his behaviour, they___________ (forgive) him.
14) I´m sure your boss__________ (understand) if you___________ (tell) him that you can´t finish the report.
15) If you___________ (take up) a new hobby, you_____________ (not feel) so bored.
16) Your English___________ (improve) if you____________ (read) more.
17) My sister___________ (be) furious if I___________ (borrow) her new jacket without asking her first.
18) If Sam_____________(not be) black, he definitely__________(not play) in NBA.
19) Unless they_______________(live) in the USA, they___________(be) so well-off.
20) If I________________(can) play the violin, I_______________(play) you something.
21) If she____________________(not be) in a hurry, she____________(stay) for a little longer.
22) My life____________(be) totally if I____________(be) younger.
23) _________you__________(come) today if I_________________(ask) you really kindly?
24) Tom___________(ask) her for a dance if he____________(know) how to dance.
25) If she_______________(be) so aloof, she__________(have) more friends.
27) They_____________(smell) nicely if_________________(not smoke) cigarettes and weed.
28) _____she__________(go) to Sweden if she____________(have) such a chance?
29) If Tim only_____________(want), he___________(can do) it!
30) If Sue_____________(invite) you, _______you______(go)?
31) I_______________(get) the job if I________________(be) younger.
32) We______________(go) to Paris if I______________(win) a million dollars.
33) If the CEO___________(come) here, everybody_______________(be) very surprised.
34) I________________(talk) to her if she phoned me.
35) If you_____________(order) more, I___________(can lower) the price.
36) What__________we_____(do) if the stapler______________(break)?
37) If we__________________(run) out of paper, we___________(have to report) to the superiors.
38) We_____probably_____(get) a significant discount if we_____________(buy) more reams.
39) It____________(can keep) together if you______________(glue) on both sides.
40) _____she______(reply) to my latter if I_________________(write) to her?
41) If you____________(send) a fax now it_____________(be received) immediately.
42) Nobody_____________(mind) if your children__________(colour) these pages.
43) If I____________(be) him, I____________________(not climb) there.
44) It________________(be) much easier if somebody_________________(sharpen) the scissors.
45) If he________________(underline) it red, it___________(be) much more visible.
46) She___________(fall down) if she___________(try to strech) herself.
47) If I______________(get) the invoice straightforward, I_________(fax) you our decision ASAP.
48) If your doormen________(be) kinder, I___________(be) so much afraid of them.
49) Everybody___________(be) happier if they___________(earned) more.
50) Unless he___________(get) demoted everybody___________(nurse) a grudge against his supervisor.