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Present Simple vs Present Continuous

Past Simple vs Past Continuous

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Passive Voice

Reported Speech

0 Conditional

I Conditional

II Conditional

III Conditional

II-III mixed Conditional

III-II mixed Conditional

Zero Conditional
1) If she _________(go) to this restaurant, she__________(order)king-size chips.
2) If you_________________(heat) the ice, it _____________(melt).
3) If you_______________(heat) water to 100 degrees Celsius, it______________(boil).
4) When they______________(meet), he______________(shout) at her.
5) If we_____________(not worry), we_______________(smile) more.
6) When you_____________(not eat), you____________(get) hungry.
7) If he_________________(miss) the connection, he_______________(be) late for work.
8) If the fish_______________(not eat) for three days,they____________(die).
9) If she___________________(not sweet) her tea, she_________________(lose) her weight.
10) When John____________(come) here, I________________(get) mad.
11) I you____________(study), you get______________(wiser).
12) As long as the citizens____________(abide) by the law, they__________(not go) to jail.
13) Unless interest rates_________________(not rise), it_________________(not be) a good investment.
14) Phosphorus______________(burn) if you___________(expose) it to air.
15) When you_______________(not drink), you__________(be) thirsty.
16) When we_________________(drive) faster, we____________(use) much more petrol.
17) _______water___________(boil) if you___________(heat) it to 100 degrees Celsius?
18) As long as you____________(be) here, nothing______________(happens).
19) If you____________(mix) red and blue, you get purple.
20) _______plants__________(die) if they________(not get) water?
21) When autumn____________(come), all leaves__________(fall) down.
22) If people____________(eat) too much sweets,they___________(get fat).
23) If you____________(touch) a fire, you______________(get burned).
24) When you___________(mix) hydrogen and oxygen, you_________(get) water.
25) If snakes___________(be) scared, they_________(bite).
26) Babies_____________(cry) if they___________(be) hungry.
27) When it_____________(rain), the grass___________(get) wet.
28) If my husband___________(have) a cold, I usually__________(catch) it too.
29) If public transport__________(be) efficient, people___________(try) to use their bikes.
30) When she___________(see) a horror movie, she_____________(wet) her panties.
31) If you__________(meet) a Brazilian chap, you___________(speak) Portuguese, right?
32) Marry___________(be) always happy whenever she________(visit) her grandma.
33) The old woman always____________(stumble) when she___________(go) past the rock.
34) If I____________(be) sick, I___________(go) to the doctor.
35) My boss__________(be) angry if I_________(come) late.
36) If you__________(press) that button, the light_________(come) on.
37) It___________(be) easier to sleep if you____________(not be) stressed.
38) The teacher________(shout) if we_______________(not work) hard.
39) If she________________(go) on a boat, he always___________(feel) sick.
40) His mother____________(get) annoyed if he____________( be late).
41) If I_____________(not know) a word, I_____________(look) it up in a dictionary.